About High Altitude Flying Company

Our mission is to help you be the best pilot that you can be.

N. Watson earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 41 flight hours!

Our model is different. We operate in a flying club model, but without the hassle of buying and selling shares.

Becoming a member is easy using our online registration system. Our membership model allows us to provide you with insurance coverage as a primary insured under our club policy.

  • All of our aircraft are IFR certified with Garmin 430.
  • We offer Private and Instrument flight training.
  • Our aircraft are hangared and maintained by Aircraft Maintenance Specialties.
  • Our aircraft are available for vacations and business travel.

We welcome you to join our growing pilot base, take a step towards your goals, make some new friends, and enjoy the amazing lifestyle of a General Aviation pilot.

Learn to Fly With Us

Our full time flight instructors are standing by to help you begin your flying lessons. Register Online It only takes a few minutes to get your takeoff clearance!

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Ask your instructor about the innovative FlyLMS flight training system. New in 2015!

FAA Training Requirements

Aircraft C172
Flight Hours 40
Ground Hours 20
FAA Knowledge Test 70% or higher
FAA Practical Test Pass
Estimated Costs $8000
Training Time 4 months to 12 months *

* We recommend a regular rhythm of at least two training flights per week.

Private Pilot Cost Breakdown

Flight Time Club Rate
40 hours in Cessna 172 Aircraft $4760
20 hours flight instruction $900
10 hours pre/post flight instruction $450
1.5 hours FAA check flight C172 $178.50
Airman Knowledge and Practical Test Prep Material
Pilot Training Study Materials $142.50
FlyLMS Private Pilot $39
FAA Exams
Aviation Medical & Student Pilot Certificate $99
CATS Airman Knowledge Test $165
FAA Practical Test $250
Pilot Headset $200
TOTAL $7184
Estimated costs are based on the minimum requirements. The national average overruns this by 10-15%. Please budget accordingly.

Ask your instructor about the innovative FlyLMS flight training system. New in 2015!

Minimum Requirements
Aircraft C172 or PA28-181
Simulated Instrument Flight Hours 40
Ground Hours 20
FAA Knowledge Test 70% or higher
FAA Practical Test Pass
Estimated Costs $6500
Training Time 4 months to 12 months *

* Other minimum flight experience applies. Contact us to develop your customized training plan.


Our aircraft are based at two convenient locations.

Our Services

Private Pilot Flight Training

Our instructors are available full time to help you move as quickly and as efficiently through your training as possible.

Instrument Flight Training

Don't sell yourself short by training in a quickie IFR program. Our club IFR pilots and flight instructors work together to help you be the best (and safest) IFR pilot that you can be.

Angle of Attack, A Flying Game for Pilots

We have invented a flying game that is played in a league format. Compete in a team of pilots to win the Aviators Cup, cash and free flying prizes.

Paperless Online Scheduling and Billing

See your entire flight history online and pay your balance due conveniently from your home computer or mobile device.

Pilot Proficiency Tracking

Our "star" rating system helps you track your monthly flying average. Five star pilots are occasionally rewarded with more free flying!


Use our aircraft for vacation or business travel. We do not require a nightly minimum on our non-trainer aircraft.

Join Now

Proudly Serving Pilots Since 2008

Club Registration *required

Register online and schedule your first flight today.

Privacy is very important to us.

Registration Steps

  • Create an account in our Online Pilot Registration System
  • Complete the pilot history form.
  • Submit a scanned photo ID.
  • Sign our rental agreement.
  • Pay your first month membership dues.
  • Schedule a checkout flight.
Our online registration process takes only a few minutes to complete, and we will be in touch to guide you as you complete your registration.


Your membership includes 100% hull and liability insurance coverage for you under our club policy.
  • Membership Dues: $160/month (FREE flying included)
  • Up to 1.7 hours of FREE flying is included with your membership dues each month ($135 value).
  • Click our aircraft above for pricing details.

* Insurance is Included

Our flying club model provides you with full hull and liability insurance when flying our club aircraft. This is the safest way to rent aircraft that does not rely on "non-owned aircraft" (renters) insurance or waivers of subrogation.

How it Works

Each month, you are required to pay the monthly membership dues to maintain your membership and club insurance coverage. With your membership dues you will receive 2 club credits that can be exchanged for FREE flight time in any of the club aircraft. The exchange rate is different for each aircraft, based on the insurance and operating costs. Club credits roll over in your account if they are not used every month. After your club credits are consumed, your rental will be billed at the normal rental rate.

Our club is an open rental club and you pay month by month. You are not required to pre-purchase ownership shares or pay any fees other than monthly dues.

Leaving the Club

Your membership dues are billed month to month. There is no minimum term or obligation.

Say NO to Special Waiver Fees and Surcharges

Research rental rates at other operators and you will find fuel surcharges and special insurance waiver fees, increasing their advertised pricing. With our club model, you are paying about $25/month for membership and insurance coverage and the remainder of your $160/month membership dues goes towards flight hours.